Committee Composition

  Audit Nominating and Governance Compensation
Robin Davis
Member of Audit Committee Member of Nominating and Governance Committee  
Arthur Gruen
Committee Chair for Audit Committee   Member of Compensation Committee
Bryan I. Reyhani
Chairman of the Board
  Member of Nominating and Governance Committee Member of Compensation Committee
Ryan Silverman
Member of Audit Committee Committee Chair for Nominating and Governance Committee Committee Chair for Compensation Committee
Holdings: 29,659 shares     View Transactions
Date Type Shares Traded Price Range
Jun 14, 2016 Buy 4,200 8.22
Dec 14, 2015 Buy 21,000 6.37
Dec 14, 2015 Buy 4,459 5.85 - 6.97
Sep 10, 2013 Sell 11,102 19.77
Sep 10, 2013 Option Execute 11,102 14.00
Aug 27, 2013 Sell 18,248 19.21
Aug 27, 2013 Option Execute 18,248 10.00
Nov 23, 2011 Buy 6,425 8.94 - 9.00
Chair of the Board = Chair of the Board Committee Chair = Chair Committee Member = Member

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