Investor FAQs

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Who is Global Brokerage, Inc.?

Global Brokerage, Inc. is a publicly traded company which owns 50.1% of FXCM Group, LLC.

What is the ticker symbol for Global Brokerage, inc.?

Global Brokerage, Inc. shares are traded under the ticker symbol "GLBR".

How can I get Global Brokerage, Inc. current stock price?

Click here to access the Stock Information section of our website.

How do I get on the mailing list for quarterly results and other announcements?

Sign up here.

Whom do I contact regarding ownership of Global Brokerage, Inc. stock?

All questions regarding the ownership of Global Brokerage, Inc. stock should be addressed to our transfer agent:

How can I purchase shares of Global Brokerage, Inc. Class A common stock?

Please contact a registered broker.

When does your fiscal year end?

December 31.